Dutch people voted the Veluwe as the finest area of scenic beauty in the country. It is where forests, sand drifts, steppes and heathlands form a stunning natural landscape.

And where you can spot the Dutch ‘Big Five’: foxes, badgers, deer and wild boar as well as Highland cattle, beavers and hundreds of other mammals, birds, reptiles and insects.

And this is the place we call home when we are not travelling the world.

Okay, we’re off camping! Back to nature. Off the grid. If you need to contact us, send a pigeon.

The Veluwe region has more to offer than just a stunning nature scape. It is home to a number of medieval towns such as Harderwijk, Elburg and Hattum. These towns have been around longer than cities such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam.

Our hometown Harderwijk

There are numerous friendly spots to find in the cities to have a drink or dinner. The fact is that we have more pubs, restaurants, hotels, festivals and camping sites than shops or office buildings.

Our top3 favourite places to eat or have a drink:

  1. Walhalla. (Beach bar)
  2. Holy Moly. (Cocktails and Mexican food)
  3. De Boterlap (featured below)
Food and drinks, so many places to go and try.

From there you can go on long bike rides, hiking trips or horse riding trails to explore the stunning woods and get lost to find some peace and serenity before returning home.

Never lose your inner child.

As we obviously lead a full and busy life, it is important to stress out sometimes. We found the perfect way to do so. When our stress levels are high, we go camping in the woods. A couple of days back to nature, no phone, computer or other electronic devices and being totally off the grid works miracles for your mindset.

Away is a place where it’s not about the money you spend. It’s about the moments you share.

Our favourite camping site is next to the restaurant Boshuis Drie and practically for free. You pay a small amount to set up your tent and in return you can use the restrooms. Every night the ranger sets a campfire where you can roast your marshmallows. The ultimate camping experience.

The urban legend about Solse gat says that the lost Abbey and monks reappears at nightfall. 
So these Ghostbusters went back to their tent before nightfall

A fun experience is renting a donkey to go hiking and explore the countryside. You can do so at the Koperen ezel in Epe. Bart was such good company and carried our bags all the way during the hike. Such a gentleman.

Me and Bart on a picnic

Encouraging a child to play outside in all weather builds resillience, creativity and problem solving skills. So go out and become an adventurer!