The best places to visit in Copenhagen.

After all the troubles at Schiphol Airport we finally arrived at the gate to depart to Copenhagen. We forgot to check the weather predictions so we arrived in our summer outfits in this cold and windy city.

The easiest way to get to the centre is by taking the train. So I bought tickets for me and my dog (as teenager fare tickets are the same as a purchase for a dog). In only three stops you’ll arrive at the central station opposite to Tivoli the famous theme park.

When visiting Copenhagen you cannot miss the iconic harbour in Nyhavn. Copenhagen is the perfect city to explore by foot or bike except when you want to visit the street food court in Ryggen, then definitely take the bus. Especially when it’s raining.

Ryggen street food market

Copenhagen is a very safe and vibrant city that turned out to be one of the best places I have visited in Europe. The city has a unique feeling, definitely influenced by Nordic culture but with a very welcoming and friendly vibe.

Freetown Christiana

One of the most interesting parts of Copenhagen is Christiania. Once a commercial center in the 1920s, it attracted artists and people who thought outside the box. Now, it’s an community for alternative thinking where anything goes. It’s a true independent anarchist community with their own set of rules. You can freely buy weed in former military barracks. There’s also small shops, food, and a skate park. It’s their own utopia and way of living and it’s a definite must see in Copenhagen.

No first-time visit to Copenhagen is complete without a trip the Tivoli garden. It’s easily one of the greatest and quaintest theme parks in all of Europe.

Said to be the inspiration behind Walt Disney World, Tivoli is a truly stunning inner-city park that’s filled with some impressive and historic rides.

Don’t forget to Hygge during your trip with the famous Danish pastries in one of the many coffee bars to keep you going.