As we were entering lockdown number two and our options of travelling the world are limited, we booked a trip furthest north as possible. We spent our Christmas holidays on the Dutch island Terschelling.

The roadtrip started in Harderwijk and brought us to Harlingen where we took a boat to Terschelling. With my facemask and suitcase in hand we boarded the boat that took us to the islands. Tickets are booked easily online and parking is available at the harbour.

Checking for seals on our way to the islands.

As soon as we arrived at the harbour, our online reserved bikes were ready for pick-up. Every spot on the island is only a bike ride away. Renting bikes is the perfect mode of transportation.

Terschelling is the perfect island for horseriding lovers which means we had the time of our lives. There are so many riding tours available, we spent most of our days in the saddle.

Hiking with locals

Besides horseriding, the island has stunning hiking trails and bike paths so even non horse lovers can enjoy their days.

Seals sunbathing on the beach

In summertime the beach is highly qualified for sunbathing, during the cold winterdays we leave it up to the cute locals above.

Even in social isolation and just take away food and drinks we loved every bit of this trip. I can highly recommend to book a trip to the islands and to be just spending your days in nature without human contact.

Spending your days in nature and with animals brings you the peace of mind we all need sometimes.