Sal, Cape Verde

Last month we were lacking vitamine D and decided to take a trip to the sun. Cape Verde caught our attention. Sunshine all year, only 2 hours time difference (which means no jetlag, thank god) and highly affordable.

After checking airline fares, hotels and trips online we were surprised to find out that a package deal with TUI was the cheapest option. Adventurers as we are, we obviously could’t stay a week chilling on a sunbed…

Horse riding on the beach

The passion me and Jasmine share together is horse riding. Every trip we go on at some point needs to have horses involved, no exception in Cape Verde. With Santa Marilha horse riding excursions we experienced a lovely two hour trail through the salt mines, dunes and beaches.

Galloping on the beach is my definition of what freedom feels like.

Hotel Dunas de Sal

We stayed at Dunas de Sal, one of the few hotels on the island without an all inclusive concept. I personally believe that all inclusive concepts are nightmares to travellers that want to explore the world and experience new adventures.

Coconut island dreams

If you are dreaming of a perfect white sand and clear blue water beach surrounded by palmtrees, look no further. These beaches are right here to be found in Sal. Most hotels have sunbeds available on the beachside for their guests for free. Bring a book and have a relaxing day. We tried to go snorkelling once but the sea was so wild it took our set into a tsunami wave just as we tried to take our first dive. Challenging I would say. A paradise for kite surfers.

Luckily we found our favourite beach bar right after: No stress di Roberto. The cocktails are fabulous. Imagine yourself sitting in Africa drinking your favourite Italian cocktail: Aperol Spritz while your daughter is the trying the nutella crepes. Heaven on earth.

Beach life to the fullest

The pier with the local fish market, the colourful houses of Santa Maria and the turtle walk are worth the stroll along the seaside. Enjoy the tropical vibes and NO STRESS. No stress is the local island slogan, follow their example.