And from the Amalfi Coast we travelled to the other part of Italy, starting with Matera. One of the oldest stone built towns in history.

Matera is one of the oldest human settlements in the world. The natural caves attracted the first habitants perhaps 7000 years ago.

Today looking across the ancient limestone buildings, it seems you have been transported back to the ancient holy land. Definitely one of the most peculiar places we have seen so far.

Heaven on earth in Puglia

After the disaster that was called the Amalfi Coast we drove as far as we could from there. We booked this lovely agriturismo in Puglia with horses, dogs and a swimming pool. The best choice when travelling with children.

Horses and a swimming pool, what else could a girl wish for.

Endless sunflower fields in the Italian countryside gives such happiness and joy. We could have stayed in our little farmhouse forever but at some point the explorer gene starts itching and calls for adventures in new places.

Ostuni, the white stone built city where even the laundry comes in one colour.

Classy Ostuni shines like a pearly white tiara, extending across three hills with the magnificent gem of cathedral in the middle as a magical centrepiece. A lovely city to visit when you are looking for excellent restaurants and stylish shops. Packed in the summer period.

Hugging the ancient trees in Puglia and listening to the stories of long ago.

Ostuni is surrounded by olive groves, so this is the place to buy olive oil directly from the producers.

Alberobella is definitely one of the cutest towns we have seen so far

Unesco World Heritage site Alberobello resembles a gnome village with white beehive shaped houses from the 14th century. Try to visit in the morning to avoid the arrival of tourist buses and the inevitable amounts of visitors that come to see this tourist trap daily. Again, parking is limited so try to find a spot just a bit outside the city walls.

House hunting in Alberobella

Besides exploring the world and horseriding, there’s another sport we love to do which is enjoying food at local establishments and let me tell you we made to food heaven in Puglia.

Puglia is definitely one of our favourite places in Italy and we cannot wait to return.