Maastricht is one of the most charming cities in the Netherlands and it can be easily explored in a weekend. In this blogpost you can read exactly why you need to visit Maastricht.

Magical Maastricht

Maastricht is the perfect place for a weekend away and it almost feels like going abroad. Wandering the tangled streets, exploring the historic caves, and eating and drinking out at one of the many restaurants and cafe’s. For architecture and food lovers Maastricht definitely the place to be.

Crossing the Maas river

Maastricht is known for shopping, my daughter’s favourite thing to do. The walk along the Maas river to the shopping streets is absolutely beautiful. You’ll also find a few cafes on the riverside with a gorgeous view over the city.

Maastricht still has the original city walls and gate from the old days. One of the magical parts about this city is wandering along the historic streets and be amazed with all the ancient architecture along the way. At this moment the city gate is under construction which means we need to visit Maastricht again. Jasmine would definitely not mind going back to shopping paradise.

History everywhere in Maastricht

Another must visit are the caves and caverns of Maastricht. The Maastricht Underground is a collection of caves which originates back to the 13th century.

The caves were originally dug to mine marl. Over time the caves formed a network so vast that it was used for other purposes.

During World War II, the caves were used to store many valuables such as paintings that could be used against the Germans. Also military equipment was stored there such as 30 tanks. Over 6000 citizens took shelter in the caves during World War II.

Dominikanen Bookstore

Another spot you cannot miss when visiting Maastricht is the Dominikanen Bookstore. A must for booklovers. This bookstore is located in a Catholic church. Instead of praying at the altar, you can drink a cappuccino and start reading your freshly bought books.  

The breakfast club

Our hotel was located just off the Vrijthof square. This square is best known for the annual Andre Rieu concerts and is beautifully set up. The hotel was completely designed in vintage style and on a walking distance to explore the whole city. And yes, we had the famous Vlaai pastries for breakfast.

Goodbye Maastricht, you were a fairytale in real life