A small capital with a huge reputation. This describes Dublin perfectly. For years this town we called home and going back with Jasmine makes this journey extra special.

Christ Church; The most photogenic spot in Dublin.

There are many ways to discover Dublin’s Viking past, but Dublinia the city’s Viking and Medieval museum has interactive exhibits that are specifically designed to appeal younger visitors. Especially after we discovered through My Heritage DNA research that our ancestors came from Scandinavia, it was a must to visit.

Discovering our Viking roots in Dublinia

After years of moving to the Netherlands I still miss Dublin. Mostly the intimate atmosphere. Dublin is a small village disguised as a capital, where going for a walk is as much an opportunity for socialising as actually making an arrangement to meet someone. Even in the most familiar town, you can still find new bits to be enthousiastic about. Dublin is never disappointing.

This lake is named Guinness lake for obvious reasons.

The best thing about Dublin is that within 10 minutes you find yourself in a fairytale forest.

Glendalough (two lakes), nature’s playground for most Dubliners.

A visit to Gendalough is a trip through ancient history combined with a refreshing hike in the hills. The ancient monastic settlement was founded by St Kevin in the 5th century. St Kevin was the first and ultimate animal whisperer. The ancient version of Dr. Doolittle.

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle

We booked a tour on tripadvisor.com with Hilltoptreks to go horse riding in the Wicklow Mountains. The trip was arranged perfectly and I would highly recommend it to all horse lovers around the world. We absolutely loved it and the fact that it included a pickup and drop off from Dublin city centre saved us the hassle to rent a car.

Bye Dublin, let’s meet up soon again!