Disneyland (and a bit of Paris)

Traditions have a very special way of keeping favourite memories forever in our hearts. Our Christmas tradition is leaving right after Saint Stephen’s day for Disneyland. Disneyland is the most magical place on earth and gets even more magical during the Christmas holidays. There is no better period to visit and you can easily combine it with Paris.

The best way to travel to Disneyland is by train. We just love travelling by train, it is convenient, easygoing and environmental friendly. There is a train service from Amsterdam straight into the Disneyland station Marne de la Vallee. Train tickets can be booked 3 months prior to departure and for a return ticket you will pay 70 euros. Children will pay 30 euros for a return ticket.

Hotels in Disneyland are expensive and that is exactly why we book our hotel just outside the park. Hotels in the area have shuttle buses bringing you back and forth within 10 minutes and free of charge to the Disneyland park and hotels.

Going out for dinner in one of the Disneyland restaurants is a must! Bear in mind that prices on these menus are magical as well. To save up we pick one restaurant we need to have dinner at and make reservations prior to our arrival. On our last visit we had dinner at Chez Remy, this restaurant comes straight out of a Ratatouille movie scene and makes you believe you are the size of a mouse.

The ultimate Disneyland food guide.

Other restaurants that are lovely to visit are Captain Jack’s pirates restaurant where you travel through time to the 18th century to some Bounty island surrounded by pirates and scum.

Trust me, it’s a lot better than it sounds.

When you are travelling with little princesses you cannot leave Disneyland without having dinner at L’Auberge de Cendrillon. The Disney princesses will come alive to talk to you and even dance the night away with their prince charmings while you are enjoying your dinner.

If you want to keep your Disneyland trip on a budget I would suggest you have dinner at a Disneyland restaurant once on your trip. There are many other good options just outside the park like the Rainforest cafe or good old Vapiano.

We just cannot leave Disneyland without a short stopover in Paris to enjoy the best pastries in town. We have tried many patisseries but Laduree keeps on being one of our favourites. Especially the eclairs are lovely.