In this blog I will explain to you why Curacao needs to be on your travel bucketlist. Besides the picture perfect of Caribbean holidays, Curacao has so much more to offer.

Bring your snorkel, step into the ocean and pretend to be a mermaid while meeting new friends exploring the clear blue underwater world. Never have we seen so many different colours and shapes of fish, turtles and dolphins. We found paradise.

The cheapest solution to the travel around Curacao is by bus. The only thing is that you are never sure if the bus shows up on time or at all. Because we missed our bus stop at the dolphin training academy and ended up in Punda, we found ourselves wandering the colourful streets of Willemstad. Some things are meant to be.

Swimming with dolphins at the Curacao Dolphin Academy.

Go where you dreams take you. I would rather look back at my life and say I cannot believe I did that instead of saying I wish I did that. So we went swimming with dolphins in the open sea. Dreams came true that day.

We stayed at Morena, a lovely eco resort next to Jan Thiel beach. We have been spending most of our time around Jan Thiel beach just relaxing, reading and enjoying the local cuisine and cocktails. And the area comes with free wifi, a must for a 13 year old.

A bumpy boatride took us to a deserted island called Klein Curacao to have the proper Robinson Crusoe experience. We had to travel to hell (motion sickness) to find paradise. But in the end it was all worth it.

Klein Curacao

One of the sights we had to visit was the flamingo sanctuary. We went on a 10km hiking trail through the old colonial salt plains where now wild flamingo’s claimed their residence. It was extremely hot but definitely worth it. We can now claim to have befriended wild flamingo’s.

Cas Abou beach

Travel makes you realize that no matter how much you know, there is always more to learn. Every trip we take teaches us more about history, culture, nature and wildlife.

And remember, not all classrooms have four walls.