Sicily, Italy

The most adventurous holiday we ever been on was our roadtrip around Sicily. Before arrival we had a minor setback when our car rental company told us right before departure that we could not pick up our car at arrival because there was simply no one available to hand over the key. Great start of the holidays and this was only the beginning. Nothing could break our spirits and this just ended up as the most legendary trip so far.  

Amore a prima vista

When we arrived at the airport in Catania we did not just lost our car key handout but also our bags were nowhere to be found. Luckily our hotel provided us with flip flops, a toothbrush and cleaning products to survive the first days without any personal items.

The next day when we picked up our car we checked the lost and found department at the airport where we found our minty green luggage set waiting for us to be collected. Unfortunately we could only collect them during office hours.

The American guy without a suitcase next to us could not take it anymore and caused a huge scene at the airport and thanks to him someone came to our rescue, opened the office door and our minty green luggage set and us were reunited. Our holidays could finally begin….

On top of the Etna volcano

We can proudly announce that we succesfully climbed an active volcano, to the top. The views on top are amazing. Definitely something you need to see once in a lifetime. Mission accomplished.

Just some small appetizers they said….

After climbing a volcano you start to get a bit hungry. We found a lovely little restaurant in a small town called Milo next to the volcano. We ordered small appetizers to share between the three of us. Just some advise, Sicilian food does not come in small sizes.

Bar Vitelli in Savoca

The next day we visited a town on top of a mountain called Savoca. A challenging drive to the top but you will be rewarded with a stunning view on arrival. And an Aperol Spritz at the local bar. This town is the filming location for the Godfather films. Step into Don Corleone’s footsteps and it leads you straight into Bar Vitelli.

A room with a view

The following days we spent in Taormina, the jetset city with the spectacular view, just walking around and stopping lots to enjoy all the delicious food the Sicilian cuisine has to offer.

Teatro Greco

The Greek-Roman theatre brings you two millennia back in time. This theatre is still in use and when you are lucky there are still tickets available for the opera playing that evening.

Isola Bella

A cable car brings you fromTaormina to a little island called Isola Bella. A hidden fairytale island covered in flowers surrounded by a rocky mountain scape. A sanctuary from a troubling world.

And so this unfortunate case of events turned out to be the best roadtrip we have ever been on. And long after we will still be talking and laughing about it. These are the memories that will last forever and ever.

Venice, Italy

Every year for Mother’s day me, my mum, sister and Jasmine go on a trip together. Last year our annual female family weekend took place in Venice. Our decision to go to Venice was merely based on the fact that Valencia and Sevilla were way too expensive during the school holidays.


We booked our flights with Transavia directly to Venice. Our quest to find the perfect hotel took just a bit longer as Venice is extremely expensive especially when you want a swimming pool. Swimming pools are high on Jasmine’s wishlist. In the end we found a perfect hotel on a walking distance from the airport: Hotel Venice resort.

Note to all travellers: Walking during the night on a barely paved road in Italy is pretty dangerous. Italians drive like maniacs.

Mum behind the camera.

From the hotel there is a regular bus service into town. We found a lovely restaurant across the street from our hotel where the best food in Venice was served. Not one of those overly crowded tourist spots but a proper Italian restaurant with an excellent authentic menu.

Boat buses to get you around

To visit all the sightseeing spots in Venice (And Venice has a lot of them) we bought daily tickets for the boat buses that gets you around Venice for a small fee and is fun to do at the same time.

When in Venice

After careful consideration we decided to go on a gondola ride through the Venetian canals. We just couldn’t leave Venice without it. Gondola rides are one of those things you only do once in your life and never again. In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

The princess in her gondola

Venice stirs something in me. These are the streets where poems were written, where stories were born, where people have loved. Just look up and dream away. And that’s exactly what we did while eating a gelato.

That’s amore

The day after we took a busboat into Lido beach where we celebrated a lovely Italian day in the sun. Il dolce far niente (the sweetness of doing nothing).

Lido beach

Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolates in one go. This was Venice, the magical beauty of a city. Half fairytale and half tourist trap but definitely worth your time.