Now and then I have to visit one of my best friends from Ireland now relocated to Antwerp, Belgium. Antwerp is a beautifully preserved historial city with lovely pubs and restaurants. This city calls out for retail therapy.

From Holland it’s only a train trip away. For only 50 euro’s you can have a lovely weekend getaway abroad and feeling like you have been exploring a different country.

The easiest way to explore the city is by bike. These bikes are available everywhere in the city and if you drop them off within 30 minutes to another bike station, it’s free of charge,

In Berchem you can probably find the most beautiful streets in the world. Just look around and explore and take a break at one of the charming coffeebars you can find on every corner. Just take it slow and absorb the beauty.

Christmas in Antwerp

Christmas would be the best time visit Antwerp. Never has the city looked more magical as around Christmas time. The shots of Jenever you can get anywhere help you experience the magical flow and most definitely gets your Christmas spirit on.

And once you finished your retail therapy session, don’t forget to bring home the best pastries and chocolates in the world. The best thing about travelling by train is that there are no limits on the amount of bags you can bring on board, Use it wisely.