As we are still unable to travel to faraway lands and stuck at home due to this Covid pandamic, we decided to keep on exploring close to home. On this blog we are showing you where to go in one of the most touristic cities this world has to offer.

We stayed at this wonderful hotel in the city centre in a normal world way too expensive for us but during the pandamic pretty affordable. One of the perks of travelling in this period of time.

The disadvantage of exploring Amsterdam during lockdown is that all restaurants and bars are closed. But it also gives you the possibility to find the best lunchspots with the most incredible views.

Positive thinking is key in creating happiness.

The shopping queen has arrived in Amsterdam

One of the best cities to take your daughter on a shopping trip definitely is Amsterdam. A magical place where you can spend money on dreamy items you want but not necessarily need.

Comfortably bathing in pink marshmallows.

The must visit for every girl between the ages of 10 and 14 is on a free ferry ride away in Amsterdam Noord. In this museum you can experience the world of Insta art and play. You can book your tickets online on to release your inner child.

As real tourists would, we bought stroopwafels at Van Wonderen located in the Kalverstraat. The shorter one just couldn’t wait for the photo to be taken and tried a bit along the way. Not so Instagrammable but they were delicious and that’s what matters most.

Museum Ons’Lieve Heer op Solder

The secret church on the attic is must visit for history lovers. This small museum takes you back to the 17th century with all the original details in this upper class canal house. We had a lovely time exploring the past and learning about life all these years ago. You can book your tickets online on

Rembrand’s hall of fame in Rijksmuseum.

You cannot leave Amsterdam without visiting the Anne Frank House and to see the masters of art in the Rijksmuseum. Children can enter these musea for free, so brilliant for budget travellers.

Wake me up when I’m famous

We found this bench while wandering around Amsterdam trying to locate Dunkin’ Donuts on the shorter one’s request.

The best way to explore a city is to get completely lost. Even at home we manage to do so.