When my daughter made plans for the bank holiday weekend to spend it with one of her besties, it was the ultimate chance for me to dance the night away on a 3 day music festival. And so this story begins….

What better than combining a festival with a citytrip to an idyllic German town to meet up your storybook fantasies. Aachen was an easy pick, just across the Dutch border and public transport available to go and come back from the Pinkpop festival. That last part turned out not to be entirely true. We managed to see al lot of county Limburg due to all the miscommunication between the international bus services.

Aachen cathedral takes you back in time.

Besides the bus service failure to Aachen from Pinkpop, the train service during daytime to Aachen is easy and highly affordable. A perfect weekend getaway if you do want to go abroad but not wish to spend time travelling there.

Medieval cobbled streets, boutique arcades, clocks and folk figures that have frolicked prettily in the fountains since the 16th century: A faraway fairytale setting where Disney must have used the background charm for many films. You will fall in love with all of the little details of this city.

Hopeless wanderer

Just start wandering the streets of Aachen to explore all the beautiful buildings and architecture before going back to future. Do not forget to stop at one of the many pubs to drink a beer and eat bratwurst or Schnitzel. Germany is going green so every typical German dish has a veggie version. You just cannot live a full life on an empty stomach.

Printen, available everywhere and they do not let you leave without it.