Hello World

Let me first introduce myself before taking you on an adventure around the world: My name is Alianne, 34 years and the proud (single) mother of the second blonde mentioned in Two Blondes and a travel blog:

Besides being a fashion addict, foodlover, full-time working mum and booknerd, we have this part-time gig on the side which is travelling the world.


Often people are wondering how I can travel the world as a single mother. The idea of this travel blog started by wanting to change your mindset and give away the tips and trics to see the world on a budget. Life is not meant to stay in one place.

And so the adventure begins….

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Due to the Covid outbreak we have not been able to follow our mission to travel the world together. Time for a change. This team is now on a quest to find the most beautiful places to visit within the Dutch borders. Our first stop is the idyllic town of Giethoorn. The village without roads …

Irish Scones

500 gr. plain flower 5 ts Baking powder 1/2 ts Salt 75 gr. Butter 2 Eggs 175 ml Greek Yoghurt 100 gr Sultanas Mix it all and put them in the oven for 15 minutes and your scones are ready to be served!


A small island with a desert landscape. The ultimate place for divers and snorkelers who want to immerse themselves in that vibrant world under the sea. The beauty of Bonaire is that the coral reef is a national park. Yellow stones along the roads are indicators that there is a diving and snorkeling spot. Bear …